Thought Leadership

Webinar: Incorporating Digital Measures & Endpoints Into Clinical Trials- Key Regulatory Considerations

May 9, 2024

As technology advances and clinical innovations such as digital endpoints and biomarkers become more prevalent in the life sciences industry, the regulatory considerations surrounding them grow in complexity. Learn how to navigate this evolving space, with insights from this webinar.

Experts from Biofourmis and Takeda share their insights into:

  • The current regulatory framework for digital endpoints, including regional disparities
  • Regulatory considerations for data integrity and security, validation and reliability, and patient safety and privacy
  • How (or why) to integrate digital endpoints into trial protocols
  • Emerging and current regulatory trends and future regulatory direction‍


  • Seth Kuzdzal – VP of Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs, Biofourmis
  • Tarik Yarbidi – Director of Digital Health Sciences, Takeda
  • Doug Burgener – Senior Director of Marketing, Biofourmis