Biofourmis Care:
First of its kind technology-enabled care delivery solution

Powered by our innovative platform, Biofourmis offers connected, configurable, and personalized care options to manage patients both virtually and in-person. For healthcare providers and risk-bearing entities, we can improve clinical, operational, and economic outcomes across the care continuum.

Smiling woman sitting at a table a holding a tablet. She has an Everion+ monitoring system on her upper arm. Example vitals are shown.

Powered by our innovative technology platform, Biofourmis offers connected, configurable, and individualized care options, managed both virtually and in-person for patients at home. For healthcare providers and risk-bearing entities, we improve clinical, operational, and economic outcomes across the care continuum.


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Hospital at home

Using dynamic care pathways, continuous monitoring, care coordination tools, and configurable services, we enable clinicians to deliver inpatient-level care at home.

Biofourmis Care can help our healthcare partners to:

Improve clinical outcomes with lower rates of mortality1

Increase bed-days saved and create capacity for more acute patients

Increase patient satisfaction by treating patients where they are most comfortable2

Deliver remote care similar to inpatient workflows through EMR integration

Utilize a coordinated network of in-home partners providing services such as: nursing, phlebotomy, infusion, wound care, and other ancillary services*

Maximize patient-to-staff ratio with a scalable, technology-enabled platform3

Transitional care

Our transitional care solutions allow patients to move seamlessly from acute to ambulatory to chronic care management, virtually and at home.

We provide:

AI-guided software and clinically-actionable notifications help dedicated, licensed, clinical care teams detect and intervene sooner

Episodic or continuous monitoring leveraging a device-agnostic portfolio of FDA-cleared devices

Improved patient engagement enabled by our patient app, featuring task reminders, symptom tracking questionnaires, educational content, and adherence tracking

Time-sensitive patient outreach via text, talk, and video conferencing capability

Utilize a coordinated network of in-home partners providing services such as: nursing, phlebotomy, infusion, wound care, and other ancillary services*

Disease-specific pathways including cardiometabolic, pulmonary, oncologic, infectious disease, and post-procedure transitional conditions

Woman sitting down on a video call on her tablet with a care team member.
Close up of upper arm wearing Everion+ monitoring system.

Digital disease management

We offer virtual, value-based care for patients with chronic conditions, and streamlined patient management for clinicians.

We enhance our partners’ organizational capacity, staff efficiency, profitability, and quality of care with3:

A broad range of monitoring through clinically validated devices that enable continuous data capture

Advanced analytics that improve medication optimization for more personalized clinical care

Remote care for patients with cardiometabolic, oncologic, and pulmonary conditions

Omnipresent support for patients from our national provider network of MDs, RNs, NPs, and Health Navigators, who engage patients to help ensure compliance and clinical goals

Scalable care management capabilities that improves patient satisfaction and patient engagement

Population health-based, disease specific care pathways for patient identification help improve care coordination and quality measures

Virtual specialty care

Our virtual specialty care solution comprises a network of specialists, in-home services, and devices to extend and complement ambulatory specialty care for patients.

It includes:

Access to a virtual network of specialists and care teams (MD, RN, APP; ancillary health support services)

Automated recommendation tool for medication optimization

Telehealth visits that provide virtual triage and consults

Digital tools for patient self-management

Remote patient monitoring 

Shaping a more healthful future

We partnered with Appalachian Regional Healthcare to bring care at home services to underserved rural areas.
Health equity
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AU Health selected Biofourmis to scale up a comprehensive remote care program, the first of its kind in Georgia.
Continuum-wide care
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Biofourmis partnered with American College of Cardiology to evaluate different intervention strategies to improve adherence in managing chronic cardiovascular conditions within underserved populations.
Cardiovascular disease
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Savings and efficiency

Just as we carefully gather and track biomarker data on every patient, we also study the results our partners gain from using our technology.


reduction in readmissions for patients receiving acute care at home4


average cost reduction for acute care patients receiving hospital-level care at home4


patient bed days in the hospital saved5

Our patient experiences for

Engagement and empowerment

Biofourmis Care patients report a 98+% level of satisfaction3. Patient satisfaction is strongly connected to comfort, and we believe that people are more comfortable healing in their own home. But our model of care delivery can positively impact patient experiences in even more ways:

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Improved access to specialists for rural and underserved populations 

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Reduced risk of hospital-acquired complications by healing at home

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24/7 clinical and technical support for patients

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Reduced costs and travel time to care facilities for patients and families

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Increased engagement via individualized care plans, daily progress tracking, and ongoing personalized education

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*Subject to geography and connectivity