Nascentia Health Selects Biofourmis’ Tech-Enabled Care Solution to Boost Aging in Place Programs

December 12, 2023

Biofourmis, a leading global technology-enabled care delivery company, announced today that it has forged a new agreement with Nascentia Health, which offers a complete range of care management and insurance services that helps patients in Central New York receive the care they need at home.

Nascentia Health will leverage Biofourmis’ connected platform to collaboratively grow and launch care-at-home programs aimed at achieving goals such as:

  • Decreasing adverse outcomes and unnecessary hospital readmissions.
  • Reducing average length-of-stay through safe, accelerated transitions to the home.
  • Supporting higher patient acuity and multiple disease states to allow more older adults to receive care in the home. A 2022 University of Michigan National Poll on Healthy Aging found that 88% of adults ages 50 to 80 years wanted to remain in their homes as long as possible with 62% rating it as “very important.”
  • Further supporting patients in their transition from facility-based care to home by providing additional care, monitoring, and tasks for enhancing health outcomes.  

Founded in Syracuse in 1890, Nascentia Health has more than 130 years of expertise in home and community care and more than 500 employees providing services such as in-home skilled nursing and therapies, home health aides, managed long-term care, and Medicare Advantage Plans. Nascentia Health is currently participating in a hospital-at-home program with SUNY Upstate Medical University. The program received the Innovation of the Year Award from Leading Age New York at their 2022 Annual Awards Ceremony.

“Nascentia Health is committed to delivering exceptional in-home care for our patients and members,” said Andrea Lazarek-LaQuay, Chief Clinical Officer of Nascentia Health. “Nascentia Health is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Biofourmis, a pioneering force in at-home care solutions. Leveraging Biofourmis’ unparalleled expertise, clinical knowledge, and cutting-edge connected platform, Nascentia Health aims to seamlessly integrate these advancements with our existing technology. The integration of Biofourmis' technology will enable Nascentia Health to broaden our spectrum of services, ensuring a superior level of patient-centric care is provided for our patients in the convenience of their own homes.”

Nascentia Health enhanced its hospital-at-home program in early October with the addition of the Biofourmis Care platform. Branded as a Mobile Acute Care Unit (MAC-U), Nascentia Health in the coming months will seek engagements with other health systems and care provider organizations to launch or expand care-at-home offerings beginning with hospital-level care, followed by early-discharge service sand chronic condition management, all supported by the Biofourmis Care connected platform. Biofourmis Care offers connected, configurable, and personalized care options to manage patients both virtually and in-person using clinical-grade wearable devices, FDA-cleared AI-guided algorithms, and more than 70 available dynamic care pathways with questionnaire-branching logic providing enhanced clinical context for the care team. 

“Tech-enabled care-at-home is helping achieve clinical and economic goals across the healthcare ecosystem and patients have consistently reported high satisfaction levels from routine virtual visits all the way up to hospital-level care,” said Maulik Majmudar, MD, Biofourmis chief medical officer and co-founder. “We are looking forward to supporting Nascentia Health as it expands its outstanding care-at-home services through our flexible, scalable market-leading solution that will enable more patients to receive high-quality care and stay healthier longer in the place they want to be.”


About Biofourmis
Biofourmis brings the right care to every person, no matter where they are. The company's AI-driven platform collects and analyzes patient data in real time and identifies changes in a patient's clinical baseline that may require intervention. This innovation provides patients everywhere with connected access to hospital-level services, virtual provider networks for remote care, in-home services, clinical trials—all without leaving their homes. Trusted by leading health systems, payers, biopharma companies and patients alike, Biofourmis' platform helps improve patient outcomes, prevent hospital readmissions, accelerates drug development, and close critical gaps in care—ultimately making science smarter, healthcare simpler, and patients healthier. Biofourmis is a global technology company enabling care delivery, with headquarters in Boston and key offices in Singapore and India.

About Nascentia Health

Nascentia Health is one of Central New York’s largest home healthcare agencies, offering in-home skilled nursing and therapies, home health aides, managed long-term care, and Medicare Advantage Plans. Founded in Syracuse in 1890, the agency has more than 130 years of expertise in home care and more than 600 employees in offices in Syracuse, Rome, Rochester, Buffalo, and Albany.


Tara Stultz
Amendola Communications for Biofourmis