Biofourmis Secures Four New Agreements with Top-20 Pharma on Strength of Platform for Digital Clinical Trials and Digital Biomarkers

February 13, 2024

Biofourmis, a global leader in digital health and decentralized clinical trial solutions, announces four new agreements with top pharmaceutical companies, driven by Biofourmis’ proven leadership and expertise in digital biomarker development and the strength of its comprehensive, device-and location-agnostic clinical trial solution.

The new engagements focus on oncology therapies, further expanding Biofourmis’ already diverse therapeutic portfolio that includes cardiovascular, pain, women’s health, and immunology. Centered on developing digital biomarkers and safety monitoring algorithms, with a specific focus on cytokine release syndrome (CRS) detection, the oncology programs leverage cutting-edge data science and technology to enhance remote data collection, patient monitoring and safety.

The newly forged partnerships, which bolster Biofourmis’ clinical trial programs spanning the United States, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East, were driven by the company’s industry leadership and experience in the development of digital biomarkers and endpoints that pharmaceutical companies are increasingly incorporating into research and development. This trend is reflected in an industry report published by Biofourmis and HealthXL late last year predicting that such digital endpoints will become widely used by pharma companies as part of the drug development program strategies by 2030.


In addition to digital biomarker and endpoint expertise, pharmaceutical companies are engaging Biofourmis to reduce study timelines by leveraging its Digital Clinical Trials solution following a significant investment in 2023 to expand and optimize its features and performance. Enhancements include a designer tool for no-code configuration that reduces study startup timelines, new data management automation, and seamless integration of essential clinical trial documentation, participant scheduling, and data collection elements.


To increase participant engagement and ease clinical site burden, Biofourmis also offers a remote clinical care team to help overcome adherence obstacles and perform real-time monitoring. An array of coordinated in-home services can also be engaged, including nursing, phlebotomy, infusion and others, to ease the burden on clinical trial sites and participants. This comprehensive platform and services offering gives researchers the flexibility of running fully decentralized or hybrid clinical trials.


“As evidenced in our industry report last year, pharmaceutical leaders are eager to take advantage of the benefits of incorporating digital biomarkers into their drug development and are recognizing the deep understanding and experience we bring to this groundbreaking evolution in clinical research,” said Jaydev Thakkar, COO at Biofourmis. “That expertise combined with the comprehensive technology and service offering of our Digital Clinical Trials solution for decentralized/hybrid studies has helped fuel the company’s growth, and we expect even greater success in 2024.”  


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