Heart Failure is one of the most challenging and complex conditions for healthcare organizations to manage.

With prevalence of heart failure along with co-morbidities, patient’s struggle to manage their condition and adhere to disease management regime.

Clinicians and care team do not have timeline information about patient’s decompensation and lack tools to better manage their patients.

1 in 4 heart failure patients & 65 years are re-hospitalized within 30-days accounting to the overall global cost of heart failure to more than 108 billion annually1.

1. Cook C, Cole G, Asaria P, Jabbour R, Francis DP. The annual global economic burden of heart failure. Int J Cardiol. 2014;171(3):368-376.

Patient tools

BiovitalsHF™ is sensor agnostic. It is compatible with over 10
clinically-validated, FDA cleared and Medical CE marked
wearable biosensors with various form-factors to capture
raw-biosensor data and uses advanced analytics to derive
multiple physiology biomarkers.

BiovitalsHF™ mobile app incorporates great user
experience to capture Patient Reported Data actively and
passively and uses powerful analytics to provide
personalized insights and help patients identify triggers,
symptoms, manage their medication regimes and securely
communicate with their caregivers.

Biovitals™ Analytics Engine

An AI-empowered personalized health analytics platform that
optimizes engagement and uses physiology to predicts heart
failure exacerbation days before a critical event.

Leveraging robust physiology and biopsychological analytics to
identify deviating/contributing factors along with rules and deep
content to generate personalized insights.

Enabling personalized triggers and recommendations to
empower patient’s take control of their condition and helping
clinicians monitor the effects of therapy and provide personalized care.

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Clinical Support

A web-based dashboard with comparative views and alerts in the event of decompensated heart failure to enable proactive intervention. The web-based panel integrated with leading EMRs.

Weekly/monthly reports for clinicians with detailed patient isights, which include physiology trends, triggers, medication adherence thereby enabling more quality and meaningful Intervention.

Ability to include 24/7, 3 rd party care team support with appropriate dynamic care pathways to enhance to drive engagement and empower patient’s to better manage their conditions.

Whether you are a healthcare provider
or a payer or a pharmaceutical,
biofourmis empowers you

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