At the core of Biofourmis is the Biovitals™ Analytics Engine, a highly sophisticated personalized physiology-based data analytics engine. Biovitals™ incorporates advanced machine learning and proprietary artificial intelligence to constantly evaluate individual patient health data generated from wearable sensors and monitors. It is designed to integrate readily available biosensors to monitor patient’s physiology to build dynamically varying personalized physiology signatures which predicts patients health deterioration, health improvement or drug/therapy’s utility.

The personalized signals generated from this intelligent patient monitoring are processed through Biovitals™ and fed into electronic health record (EHR) systems to alert medical professionals that an intervention may be necessary, often days before a critical event. In addition to the obvious benefits for patients, this preventative care alert system reduces hospital readmissions and limits the need for ER visits.

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Biovitals™ Digital Biomarkers

The Biovitals™ Analytics accommodates the full suite of Biofourmis digital biomarkers resulting in disease/therapeutic specific models, which form the backbone of our platform. Using codified clinical expert knowledge and machine learning techniques, Biovitals™ processes raw electrical and optical bio-signals to derive digital biomarkers which indicate early signs of patients health deterioration.

These digital biomarkers support the development of wide range of disease/therapeutic specific models including heart failure, myocardial infarction, respiratory conditions, neurology and oncology. We are eager to partner with forward-thinking organizations to develop additional models to support your patient care needs.

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Biovitals™ Therapeutics Utility

The influence of specific interventions on an individual’s physiology can be not only quite variable, but also unpredictable. In certain complex conditions that require combinations of medications, the drug-drug interactions, the drug-disease interactions, and adverse side effects can also be serious and unpredictable. Furthermore, some medications and/or interventions need to be closely monitored and/or titrated to find the optimal doses, time and frequency of administering intervention or combinations, and effectiveness durations.

Biovitals™ therapeutic management system uses continuous physiology and other patient generated data to monitor and quantify the effect of therapy and side effects on patients and assists the clinicians for better therapeutic decision- making.

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RhythmAnalytics™ is a cloud-based platform that incorporates deep learning models trained by using over 2 Million annotated ECG data from actual patients to deliver unmatched accuracy in detecting dozens of cardiac arrhythmias. RhythmAnalytics™ can be integrated using our cloud-based APIs or directly into the cardiac monitoring device, making client integration flexible, simple and easy. The analytics engine is designed to process ECG data from Episodic monitors, Holter monitors or Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT).

RhythmAnalytics™ transforms a labour intensive and inefficient process into a high-yield diagnostic tool ensuring high availability, freeing up physicians and technicians for more complex tasks. The platform is currently being trained to detect cardiac arrhythmias using PPG signals.If you are a Cardiac Monitoring Centre or a company that is designing and building a cutting-edge cardiac monitor, please get in touch.

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The  flexible  Biovitals™ Software  as  a  Service  (SaaS)  subscription  option  enables  institutions  to  utilize  our  cloud-based  platform  with  full  functionality  but  minimal  upfront  costs.  This  scalable  option  allows  for  hospitals  and  provider  organizations  to  use  our  features  on-demand  to  provide  AI-backed  diagnoses  superior  patient  care.

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