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Currently, we focus on various aspects of heart disease. We are developing additional models for disease prevention and chronic disease management for respiratory indications, pain, sleep apnea and oncology.

Measures such as heart rate, respiration rate, weight, sleep, activity, blood pressure, Spo2 and electrocardiogram.Our data pulls will expand as we develop additional therapy-specific models.

Biofourmis is committed to being device agnostic. We easily integrate with virtually any medical/clinical grade wearable device, senor or monitor. Our APIs currently support more than 30 FDA/CE approved medical devices. Because precision is of utmost importance in our analytic models, we do not support consumer devices, such as Fitbits.

Biofourmis’ Software as a Medical Device (SaaMD) provides a secure messaging platform as well as easy integration with the most popular EHR systems, including EPIC, Cerner and Allscripts.

Biofourmis provides flexible service B2B subscription options. We can provide end-to-end servicefor high-acuity ambulatory care, such as Home Hospital, or a Software (Platform) as a Service solution.

Biofourmis is committed to maintaining the highest level of data privacy and security. Our systems are fully compliant with HIPAA and other local privacy regimes. We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our cloud computing partner.

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