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Life Sciences

The Biovitals® platform accelerates clinical research and commercialization. Biofourmis services a wide variety of Life Sciences companies such as: Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical, Clinical Research Organizations, and Medical Devices. Customers using Biovitals® are realizing benefits:

Companion Therapeutics and Translational Medicine


“Through the partnership with Biofourmis, a leading company in research, development and commercialization of digital therapeutics, Chugai will set out to objectively assess pain associated with endometriosis and better understand its pathology,” said Satoko Shisai, Chugai’s Vice President, Head of Digital & IT Supervisory Division

  • Objective measurement of safety signals from a sensor agnostic platform
  • Enable early disease detection and improved drug dosing titration based on clinically validated software-based therapeutics
  • Improve patient engagement, track side-effects/adverse events and personalize treatment using combination therapy with Software as a Medical Device (SaMD)
  • Improve outcomes through predictive interventions based on machine learning (ML) of physiological measures and vitals

Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCTs)


"The goal of this program is to leverage Biovitals® to remotely monitor patients and identify COVID-19-related physiological biomarkers that indicate deterioration in patients," said Prof. David Chung Wah Siu, MD, Department of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong.

  • Speed up clinical trials with novel patient-centric digital biomarkers as surrogate endpoints to achieve primary/secondary endpoints
  • Improve recruitment and remote patient monitoring with active and passive data collection
  • Enhanced Patient-centric solutions with configurable journeys,alerts, vitals, and validated questionnaires and outcomes
  • Better Site Burden through simple interfaces for sites/HCPs increasing satisfaction and compliance

Commercialization and Market Access


Biofourmis signed a strategic partnership with Novartis Pharmaceuticals to leverage Biovitals in Asia and the U.S. in heart failure

  • Improve medication adherence through higher patient use and patient satisfaction
  • Increase market access and improve patient funnel to the right patient populations
  • Better compliance with (passive/active) data collection of Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) and Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs)

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    Companion Therapeutics and Translational Medicine

    Biovitals® Therapeutics is pioneering a new category of medicine, by developing clinically validated software-based therapeutics to treat and manage patients with unmet clinical needs. These digital therapies work independently or in conjunction with pharmacotherapies—thereby augmenting drug efficacy, reducing costs and resulting in better patient outcomes.

    Pharmaceutical companies prescribe the company's digital therapeutics solution as a companion therapeutic with high-value drugs to improve efficacy and to better manage and treat patients with complex chronic conditions.

    Biovitals Research

    Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCTs)

    Biovitals® reduces timelines by supporting patient data capture in decentralized and virtual clinical studies.

    Biovitals® offers telehealth, active ePRO and passive sensor data collection, end-to-end patient kit and provisioning services, AI algorithm development, predictive data sciences and digital clinical research services.


    Commercialization and Market access

    Biovitals® is used by companies to help commercial, market access, marketing, HEOR and patient support teams to increase medication adherence, patient populations and market opportunities. Biovitals® is used in real-world settings to improve outcomes and increase effectiveness of your drug or medical device program.

    Biovitals® provides remote patient monitoring using machine learning and AI analytics to monitor safety and to predict and intervene on adverse events.

    Biovitals® provides a companion app with compelling content to be created for the requirements of your program. Patient support teams leverage a Biovitals® patient facing app which is available iOS2 and Android. Patients are provided real-time access to study team, nurses, and physicians using text as well as telehealth video.

    Biovitals® provides a companion app with compelling content created for the requirements of your program.

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    • Multiple languages
    • Global
    • Modularity
    • Turnkey solution
    • Patient engagement
    • Interactive content
    • Sensors
    • Logistics and provisioning
    • Clinical
    • 21 CFR Part 11
    • Biomarker analysis
    • Machine learning algorithms
    • Physician/Nurse Access
    • HCP interface