The world’s most sophisticated HIPAA compliant personalised health analytics platform based on human physiology that uses digital mHealth devices and bio-sensors to capture important clinical information towards building a precise predictive analytics engine


the correlation between one’s physiology and activity


a dynamically varying personalized baseline


in personalized physiological health model


health deterioration, health improvement and medication effect


APIs to pull data from continuous FDA/CE approved medical devices


Cognitive engine which learns the interplay between an individual’s physiology using continuous data from bio-sensors


Dynamically varying personalized baseline which indicates and predicts patient’s health deterioration, improvement or any subtle changes due to medication

Transforming physiology data into actionable health insights

biovitals™ uses advanced machine learning to provide predictive, precise and actionable health insights. This analytics engine, is exclusively designed to exploit physiological data from medical wearables and bio-sensors – which learns the correlation between one’s physiology and activity, builds a dynamically varying personalized baseline resulting in personalized health models, which finally predicts/signals health deterioration, health improvement and medication effect. biovitals™ features:
  • Device agnostic platform designed to extract, process and view data from FDA cleared, CE marked medical wearables, from both continuous (e.g. ECG, Activity, Heart Rate, Respiration Rate) and episodic monitoring devices (e.g. weight, blood pressure).
  • Artificial intelligence engine which uses machine learning methods to model the interplay between various physiological parameters to detect physiological anomaly. biovitals™ learns an individual’s physiology leveraging on a continuous stream of data (HR, RR, BPw, Activity etc.) and detects subtle changes from a dynamically varying personalized baseline that may be caused due to health deterioration or a therapeutic impact. This cognitive engine supersedes population-based matrix and compares you to you to detect those subtle physiological deviations, which is quantified as the biovitals™ index. The engine has clinically validated disease models for Congestive Heart Failure, MI, Cardiac Arrhythmias, COPD, Hypertension and Chronic Pain.
Additional features include:
  • Advanced signal processing to extract multiple health parameters from raw optical and electrical bio-signals (ECG+PPG) including HR, Respiration Rate, HRV, HR Recovery, Stroke volume, Cardiac Output, Blood Pulse Wave etc.
  • Automated arrhythmia detection of various common arrhythmias like Atrial Fibrillation, Flutter, PVCs, VT. Vfib, sleep apnoea etc.

This proprietary analytics engine is a HIPAA compliant cloud-based platform which predicts/signals patient health deterioration well-in-advance, so that the caregiver can take immediate actions to keep the patient out of hospital.


Patient wearable and mobile app

Continuous physiology monitoring using CE/FDA cleared wearable bio-sensors along with a patient mobile app (iOS/Android)

Physiological data processing

Real-time physiological data processing using biovitals™

24/7 cardiac care team

24/7 cardiac care team equipped with a web-based dashboard, with risk-stratification and in-depth patient insights

Medical practice

Medical practice is notified in case of emergencies, who immediately attends to patients at the risk of readmissions

beatHFTM consists of continuous physiology and lifestyle monitoring of patients at-home, post-discharge, accompanied with a personalised physiological engine to provide the care team with real-time, in-depth insights into patient’s cardiac health, thereby increasing patient compliance, patient safety and engagement to improve outcomes and lower costs by avoiding preventable hospital readmissions. With this revolutionised care model, we address many of the challenges seen in managing cardiac patients post-discharge and long term. It consists of following modules:

  • Clinical-grade wearable bio-sensors: Cutting-edge, FDA cleared and CE marked medical wearables for continuous physiological monitoring.
  • Mobile application (Android/iOS) enabling the patient to continuously monitor and transmit physiological data through Bluetooth enabled wearables. The app also features medication management, activity and diet goal setting, secured messaging with the caregiver and family sharing to enable the complete circle of care.
  • Add-on mobile app features an event-report button to alert the caregiver to any noticeable symptom for proactive intervention. It is also equipped with an interactive weekly/monthly clinically validated patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) questionnaire in form of a chat-bot, to get a qualitative measure of a patient’s overall health.
  • biovitalsTM analytics engine predicts/signals patient health deterioration well-in-advance for pro-active intervention.
  • Web-based centralized platform enables the 24/7 cardiac care team to get an overview of the patients who are at risk of readmission, so that they can plan an appropriate intervention. Biovitals automatically risk stratifies patient highlighting the ones who are at high risk of health deterioration/hospital readmissions. The web dashboard also gives the caregiver an overview of a patient’s medication and goal compliance to assess risk and provides in-depth health insights for proper care coordination.